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10 tips to drive car fuel economy drivers note

Speed ​​just enough

This is one of the things that concern the driver. Driving at about 90km / h instead of 105km / h will save more fuel for your vehicle. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that using this tip will improve fuel consumption by 10-15%. Use cruise control whenever possible on highways to maintain speed and conserve fuel.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lái xe hơi tiết kiệm nhiên liệu

Press the gas and brake gently.

Many people still have the habit of kicking the accelerator pedal suddenly to accelerate the car at the same time before parking at high speed and then suddenly braking. This habit affects more or less the life of the machine and it is also the culprit "hook" out of your pocket a small amount that when accumulated. Therefore, try to slowly accelerate from the start and before stopping, need to maintain a safe distance between vehicles and judge traffic conditions to keep up the throttle and apply the brake regularly.

Today's engines with modern technology do not need to start before starting. Prolonged idling will increase emissions and waste of fuel. Please turn off the engine when stopping for more than 30 seconds.

Check the tire.

Make it a habit to always check and keep your tires taut according to the required tire pressure ratio. When the tire is full, it will help the car operate better, softer and more fuel efficient. Using this trick can reduce fuel usage by an average of 3-4%.

Regular maintenance.

Users should adhere to the vehicle maintenance schedule, except in the case of abnormal malfunctions. In cases where there is no access to a service center, you can also do a few small things yourself, such as checking the air filter by putting it on a light source to observe, if it is clogged and dirt is much please replace. Air filters are cheap and easy to find in stores.

Reduce the weight on the car.

In addition to engine factors, vehicle weight is a direct determinant of fuel consumption. The simplest way to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption is to remove all leftovers from the vehicle and leave only what is truly needed.

Minimize use of air conditioning.

Using reasonable and timely air conditioning will reduce the load on the engine. Reducing the use of air conditioners when the temperature is over 26.60C can save 10-15% of fuel. Use vents when possible. Park your car in the shade to keep your car cool.

Close all windows at high speed.

Do not open car windows when the speed is over 80km / h because this will increase aerodynamic resistance and reduce fuel economy.

Choose standard gasoline.

Pay attention to the type of fuel used for your vehicle because this not only saves you fuel, but also protects the engine.

A clear travel itinerary.

Plan your trips in detail as this will make it easier to move, avoid traffic stops, congestion and save fuel.

Fill the fuel as soon as the alarm clock is low.

You should not leave the vehicle completely empty before pouring. This is not good for pumps and fuel filtration systems, not to mention the rather difficult to replace. The best solution is to refuel when the needle is less than half the tank and have not reached the "red" level.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lái xe hơi tiết kiệm nhiên liệu

Above are the fuel-saving tips for the driver's wing, people should pay attention to protect their car for longer life.



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