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Luxury car rental shuttle foreigners to work in Ho Chi Minh, cheap and professional. Drivers proficient in many languages ​​and fluent way.

Luxury car rental shuttle foreigners | Saigon Carsrental

Shuttle Car Rental Service for foreigners.

Renting a car for picking up foreigners.

The international companies, entrepreneurs in these days have constructed a range of head and representative offices as well as recruited the large number of employees for working in Saigon more and more. Most of them came from progressive nations like Korea, Japan, America, France, and so on. Therefore, both car rental service for moving inside the city and working in neighboring provinces are rather high. In order to understand thoroughly customers’ taste well, our company had specific surveys in some regions in the South of my country. As a result, the organizations which guaranteed about both decent standards and professional services are not much.


Saigon Car Rental - the company that have experienced in many years for car rental service for foreigners understand thoroughly the customers’ demands and tastes to clear up any customers’ enquiry. Some common questions of the customers like “should buy a car or rent one”, “where are such high quality car rental service?”, “are we able to trust those companies?”, “their service quality is commensurate with the fee that we paid”, “can their drivers handle any problem well”, “are their skills professional and safe”, “do such drivers speak English fluently?” etc. Definitely, thousands of questions like those have asked during our feedback so our company could sympathize for the customers’ enquiries and concerns.

Saigon Car Rental has identified and found a best solution for transportations for all Vietnamese’ entrepreneurs in particular and international organizations investing in Vietnam in general.

Saigon Car Rental invested in various car brands including common and high-class types to serve different customers levels such as chairman, partners of large company or locals who live in a budget with a norm like new cars, hospitable, considerate and professional drivers, communication skills in English basically, etc.

Long term car rental contract for foreigners of Saigon Car Rental is the effective solution in permanent. The customers will not have headache to think about the fee for repair a car, organization and incidents. Once having an expected obstacle, Saigon Car Rental is committed that our company will solve all problems of the customers in the best and quickest way as well as protect the pros of customer.

Some high-class car rental services of Saigon Car Rental Company for picking up foreigners.

+ Shuttle car for foreigners to Saigon to work and study in short and long term.

+ Permanent car rental contract with international organizations to take their leaderships.

+ Car rental service for tourists.

+ Car rental service for foreigners to go to events, conferences, etc.

+ Car rental service for foreigner to go to airport, golf course, sightseeing places in Saigon and neighboring provinces for foreigner.


All cars which are managed by Saigon Car Rental are of outstanding quality. These new cars are manufactured from 2017 to 2019 so customers’ concern about the quality of such cars is unnecessary.

A process of renting a high-class car for foreigner:


Step 1: Providing a time, specific route and other requests of customers.

Please contact immediately to Hotline of Saigon Car Rental in Vietnam.

(+84) 829 111 555 (Imess, whatsapp, Viber, Zalo).

Inbox or text a message to Fanpage of Saigon Car Rental.

Please email us for your request and providing your information


Step 2: booking a car rental service and get a contract

Firstly, transferring to Saigon Car Rental to make a contract, deposit.

Secondly, the customer will get a car.


Step 3: Make a journey

_ Car rental by day: enjoy the service during the trip and pay the total remaining costs for the driver of the company.

_ Car rental by month: After signing the contract, the staff will give a car and driver of the company to the customer. All costs of gasoline, the salary of the driver, the car insurance will be paid by Saigon Car Rental.

_New, beautiful, high-class, luxurious cars will pick up foreigners.

How about the service quality of Saigon Car Rental for picking up foreigners?

_Highest quality

_ Dedicated and reputable service, always willing to listen the customers’ feedback even the smallest ones to bring the best service for customers.

_The motto of Saigon Car Rental Transport Company:

“Your beautiful and happy trip is our pride”

_ The drivers are selected carefully: always try to have enthusiasm and friendly behaviors to customers and make them feel satisfied and comfortable during the trip.



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Hotline: Vietnam (+84) 829 111 555

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