Chọn hình thức thuê xe tối ưu cho Doanh Nghiệp cho năm 2020

Thuê xe

Nhiều doanh nghiệp có nhu cầu sử dụng xe thường trực đã chọn thuê xe ngoài dài ngày thay cho việc mua xe mới để tiết kiệm được nhiều chi phí và đơn giản hóa các thủ tục hành chính liên quan đến việc q

Choose the best form of car rental for Business for 2020

After many years of development, car rental businesses are increasingly taking many forms towards creating the maximum initiative for customers as if they have their own fleet of cars. Each form has different advantages and limitations.

Car body rental: With this form, Saigon Cars Rental will provide cars at the request of businesses and businesses must arrange the driver. Once a month the car is delivered to the garage for maintenance, the rest of the enterprise has the right to use the car. However, with the need to rent a car for businesses is relatively large, this form is often troublesome because it is difficult to put all the car use costs into business costs. If the rent can be accounted for by the car rental contract and the bill provided by the garage, then expenses such as a driver's compensation need to have enough payroll and labor contracts to be able to declaration is possible. Not to mention that to account thoroughly, every month the accounting department also has to collect and process each invoice of gas, car wash, etc.

Talented car rental: To simplify the procedure, many businesses choose to hire both cars and drivers. With this form, the accounting department only needs the contract and service bill of the garage to be able to account the car rental for the business, including the expenses for the driver, on the cost of production activities. business of the business. Although you have to ensure the working hours for drivers according to the agreed time frame with the garage, businesses can fully afford their gasoline and take the initiative to use the car to go anywhere. Every month, accountants only need to receive reports from the garage, review surcharges and payments, and then get invoices to be able to quickly complete the business cost declaration procedure.



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