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Các chuyến công tác tại Việt Nam của các chuyên gia nước ngoài sẽ dễ dàng hơn bao giờ hết với dịch vụ thuê xe tháng. Chúng tôi có tài xế chuyên dụng để đưa đón chuyên gia nước ngoài, thành thạo các n

Car rental companies carrying prestigious foreign experts in Ho Chi Minh

The need to hire a monthly car carrying foreign experts is increasing

Businesses / companies at the moment always tend to need to rent a car a month to bring foreign experts on business trips here. And you have to find yourself a reputable unit to use the service. There are so many choices on the market today. So when you're freaking out, don't consider any units yet. Read through the useful information we share in this article right away.

In fact, many companies are looking for reputable car rental solutions to carry foreign experts. This demand is increasing, so is the supply of services to serve this demand.

However, with the current wave of strong growth, the search becomes difficult. Car rental providers are many but quality, reasonable price and professional service attitude is the essential factor.

The company needs to rent a monthly car carrying foreign experts to note what
There are so many car rental units today, finding yourself a reputable service is extremely necessary.

Choose a prestigious car rental month

This is extremely necessary, which is the factor that the company needs to rent a car monthly. For the most comfortable ride for your professionals. Choose a reputable car rental company with extensive experience in the market. At the same time, you should pay attention to the customers of this unit to see how they evaluate the service, which helps you to have more reliability for the unit you choose.

Do not be cheap but have low quality units, this will affect the trip quality as well as incur additional charges. You can find a reliable car rental unit by:

+ Learn on the internet, see reviews from the tenant. Select 4-5 units and find out about the quality of their vehicles, services, costs, professional service or not, ...

+ Consult friends, relatives, ... who have experience renting a car to serve the business.

After finding a reputable car rental company, you need to ask them for advice on the type of car, the price and the driver, ... The issues that are most relevant to your company, so that both parties can cooperate. profit.

Note about the monthly car rental price in the market

First, you need to consult the price list in some rental places. Do not rush to sign a contract with that service. What you need to do is research the price, compare with some other car rental places and know the average number.

This helps your car rental company save a monthly cost. Just choose a suitable price, avoid missed goods if you miss a long-term contract. Because if you signed, then you have to pay that price, do not use that service anymore, you have to compensate the contract.

Therefore, the sincere advice for everyone is to look up the price list in some places. Do not rush to hear the words too attractive from their side, without paying attention to the huge costs incurred afterwards. As such, your company will suffer from monthly car rental for a long term.

Choose the right car rental month needs

The object you need to transport is a foreign partner, so you should choose models of 4 or 7 seats to rent. Selecting new models, with comfortable seating design, modern and comfortable interior car. Besides, exterior design also needs attention.

Suggest models for transporting experts abroad such as:

+ 4-seater car: Audi A8L, BMW 7series or Mercedes-Benz S500L, ...

+ 7-seater cars: Volvo XC90, Lexus RX 350, Bentley Bentayga, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Land Rover Range Rover, BMW X5, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln MKX, Mercedes Benz GLC, Jaguar F-Pace, or Innova models, Fortuner, ... is the top choice for you to choose.

Depending on the number of foreign experts that you need to serve, choose for yourself the type of car that suits the number of seats.

Choose a private server driver professional service driver 

This is very practical for a company that needs to rent a car monthly to serve the job, carrying foreign experts. Because, they are the representatives of luxury, class, knowledge. So choose an experienced driver, understand English well, serve communication when needed.

So, choose a private driver, speak English professionally and change the driver if that person is unreasonable. This issue, should be clearly stated in the contract, to avoid controversy if you are not happy with the driver who is serving the driver for your company.


The above are helpful shares on the issues that the company needs to rent a car monthly. Please save, as this directly affects your rights. Therefore, be a smart investor, to choose yourself a reputable unit.

If you are in need of investing a box driver to serve the travel needs of your company. Please join the car rental service of Saigon Car Rental.

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