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Với chi phỉ chỉ từ 3.000.000 gia đình bạn đã có thể thuê xe riêng để đi An Giang và viếng Miếu Bà Chúa Xứ ở An Giang vào dịp cuối tuần này. Liên hệ chúng tôi ngay để thuê được xe có tài xế giá tốt

Rent a car for Chúa Xứ Thánh Mẫu - Holy Mother of the Realm | Saigon Car Rental

Add a weekend venue suggestion that young families want to go to a spiritual place to pray for peace in life.

Have you been planning on traveling somewhere this weekend? Saigon Car Rental asks for permission to suggest one of the sacred lands in the Mekong Delta region, famous for the Chúa Xứ Thánh Mẫu Holy Mother of the Realm Temple, which many people come to burn incense, worship, pray for a prosperous life and happiness.

The Chúa Xứ Thánh Mẫu Holy Mother of the Realm Temple was built based on legend. People in the area said that in the past, when the Vietnamese people came to live in this area, they discovered the phenomenon of the Chúa Xứ Thánh Mẫu Holy Mother of the Realm at the top of the mountain, so they discussed each other to set up a temple to worship. However, the Chúa Xứ Thánh Mẫu Holy Mother of the Realm "manifested" into a monk said there must be 40 virgins to bear in order to move out. The villagers followed suit and carried her to the current place of worship, when she was super heavy and chose this place to dwell.

Miếu Bà has a Chinese-style layout, with a lotus-shaped tower block, a three-storey three-tiered roof, blue tube-tiled roofs, a soaring corner of the roof like a surfing boat. The patterns in the ancient hall of the palace show a bold art. Above, the strong and beautiful statue spread their hands to support the trusses. Ba Chua Xu Temple is one of the landscapes of Sam Mountain imbued with the history of the nation.


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